Geotechnical Services

We provide a full range of geotechnical services relating to subsurface explorations, soils laboratory testing and geotechnical engineering analyses. Our engineering staff consists of three professional engineers registered in Louisiana and has extensive experience in a wide range of projects that include buildings, drainage structures, roads, etc.

Pile Logging, Load Testing & Vibration Monitoring

Provision of inspection of timber piles and other timber products, logging of job piles and test piles, furnishing of calibrated hydraulic rams, and performance of pile load tests with formal reports interpreted and signed by a registered engineer. Use of electronic instruments to monitor construction vibrations.

Materials Testing

- Plastic & Hardened Concrete Testing
- Cementitious Materials Testing
- Aggregate/Soil Testing
- Pile Testing & Inspection
- Vibration Monitoring
- Acoustic Monitoring
- Weld & Steel Inspection
- Coating Inspection
- Fire Resistive Material Testing & Inspection
- Timber Inspection

Steel Inspection Services

The visual inspection of structural steel at the site or shop includes welded and bolted connections, steel and pipe coating sampling, welder certification, and the performance of ultrasonic and x-ray testing. These services are performed by AWS Certified technicians.

Concrete Inspection Services

Design and review of mix designs, quality control at both the plant and in the field, pre-placement and post-placement inspection, aggregate sampling & testing, cementitious material sampling and testing, post tension inspection, precast inspection, and mortar and grout inspections. These services are provided by ACI certified technicians.

Asphalt Inspection Services

Review of mix designs, quality control at both the plant and in the field, materials sampling and testing. These services are performed by qualified technicians and a State certified asphalt plant inspector.

Additional Areas of Expertise

 All tests are performed in accordance with ASTM, AASHTO, or LDOTD standards as per project specifications. Qualified technicians perform each test. 

The performance of field density tests (by nuclear gauge or sand cone method), fill placement inspection, and depth checks. Troxler certified technicians perform these services. 


Including but not limited to: Moisture Vapor Emission Rate Test Using Anhydrous Calcium Chloride (ASTM F 1869), Determination of FFloor Flatness and FL Floor Levelness Numbers (ASTM E 1155), Inspection of Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material Applied to Structural Members (ASTM E605). 


TBG has provided RI services and program management for the following project, but not limited to: the reconstruction of concrete I-walls and T-walls, and the installation of floodgates and drainage Pumping Stations at the 17th street, London Avenue, and Orleans Avenue Canal; repairs to floodgates; the new Harvey Canal Sector Gate Complex; and levee repairs from Belle Chasse to Venice. Beta also oversaw the construction of flood gates, locks, rock, jetties, steel sheet pile walls with concrete caps, timber bulkheads, dolphins, roads, bridges, drainage culverts, earthen drainage canals, concrete structures in drainage canals, waste water treatment plants, raw water pumping stations, and water treatment plants. Beta has also provided two Construction managers and fifteen quality assurance representatives for FEMA drainage remediation throughout the Parish. This project scope included inspection, cleaning and repairs of drain culverts and drain lines in storm damaged areas. Beta monitored over 1.6 million linear feet of drain lines that spanned across two parishes.

TBG has 38 employees and is expanding in order to meet our growing client base. Our work force is composed of two registered professional engineers, a business development manager, an operations manager, four secretaries, and over 50 technicians. Our laboratory has been inspected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and several independent calibration laboratories. We are also certified with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). We have the manpower and equipment to meet the deadlines and time-frame requirements set forth by our clients. 

 Further, TBG has an exemplary record in regards to cost control. We employ a comprehensive cost checking program throughout the execution of the project, and have had no problems in meeting budgetary guidelines. 


By the following entities:

  • Louisiana Unified Certification Program
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • New Orleans Aviation Board (NOAB)
  • Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, City of New Orleans
  • Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans