Lasalle Park Boring For Artificial Turf

The project will consist of improvements to the four (4) baseball fields at LaSalle Park that is located at 6600 Airline Dr. in Metairie, La. The improvements to the baseball fields will include installation of artificial turf to the infields and drainage improvements for the outfields.

Scope of Work: For this project, we will drill four (4) undisturbed soil borings for each field, for a total of sixteen (16) undisturbed soil borings, each to the 6 ft. in depth below the existing ground surface in the general areas of the Field Improvements.  The borings will be advanced by dry auger procedures using rotary type drilling equipment to allow observation of ground water conditions. Initial and short-term ground water level measurements will be made wherever ground water is encountered. The boreholes will be grouted per Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD) regulations. The soil borings will be sampled continuously within the upper 6 feet of the borings. Undisturbed steel wall tube samples (similar to ASTM D 1587) will be secured in cohesive materials and standard penetration tests (ASTM D 1586) will be performed in cohesion less or semi-cohesive soils. Maximum care  will be taken to preserve the project site to its current conditions, but some damage due to rutting from our drilling equipment may take place, especially during periods of wet weather. The Beta Group will do its best to limit any site damage due to our equipment, but some rutting should be expected, especially during wet weather.

Relevant Testing: Strength Tests, Classification Tests (Atterberg Limits and/or particle size), Others as appropriate Engineering Recommendations and Analyses: Bedding and Backfill, General Construction Procedures

Project Details

  • Location : Metairie, LA
  • Client Name : Meyer Engineers, Ltd.