Loyola Drive Improvements

This project consists of various Pavement Improvements to Loyola Drive and Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Kenner, LA

Scope of Work:  The subsurface exploration consisted of six (6) undisturbed soil test borings.  The soil test boring locations were located in the field by a TBG representative.  The boring locations were plotted and topographical information was estimated. The soil test borings were drilled utilizing a truck mounted drill rig at the designated locations shown on the Boring Location Plan.  Undisturbed sampling was performed continuously to the 6 ft. depth with a 3-inch diameter thin-walled tube sampler. Representative samples were removed from the tubes and placed in moisture-proof containers for laboratory testing.  The soil test borings were advanced through the soil overburden to the assigned termination depth of 6 feet below the existing ground surface. Upon completion of the drilling activities, the boreholes were backfilled with auger cuttings (soil) and/or high-strength concrete as per LADOTD requirements.

Relevant Testing: Atterberg Limits, Moisture Contents, Unconfined Compression Tests, Unit Weight Determination and Natural Moisture Content

Engineering Recommendations and Analyses: Pavement Recommendations and General Construction Procedures


Project Details

  • Location : Kenner (Jefferson Parish), LA
  • Client Name : Digital Engineering